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debbie-pic-roundDebbie started this journey twelve years ago, with very little knowledge of what being a mother really meant. In the early years she suffered from low self-esteem and of overwhelmingly negative emotions. She always felt inadequate, and it was this emotional state that affected her children who looked for guidance. Through dedication, training, and education, she has built herself into the person she wants to be. Today she shares her skills on how to enjoy life and family; how to balance it all in harmony.

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Success Stories

  • Carolyn, Beyond The Schoolyard
    -Carolyn, Beyond The Schoolyard
  • Michelle, Meditation Class
    -Michelle, Meditation Class
  • Mandy, Kinesiology Client
    -Mandy, Kinesiology Client
  • Vanessa Talbot, Skype Kinesiology Client
    -Vanessa Talbot, Skype Kinesiology Client
  • Kristen Barnett, Skype Kinesiology Client
    -Kristen Barnett, Skype Kinesiology Client
Beyond the School Yard

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