My 2014 Intentions

Welcome to 2014! This year I had decided not to set new year resolutions because I feel like they set me up for failure. In the past I would set a resolution on New Year’s Eve and then when I would break this resolution (usually within a couple of weeks), I would feel like I let myself down!

So this year instead I have set myself goals and intentions for 2014! My goals are around my Kinesiology and what I want to achieve. My intentions are around my behaviors and how I am going to achieve these.

Why are my goals and intentions different to a New Year’s resolution you may be wondering. Well they are very different. My goals are what I want to achieve in my Kinesiology and personal life, they are statements that I then choose to aim towards. I will then break these goals into smaller sections of how I am going to achieve them. My intentions are then used to help me achieve these goals through my behavior and actions.

Another main reason why they are different is because for me they are more thought out and strategic. I have always found in the past that my New Year Resolutions almost went out on a limb – I will do more exercise or I won’t eat chocolate! I have found my resolutions to be whimsical and often made in a moment without much thought. For me they have also had a negative past history in achieving these resolutions, so when I set resolutions I am almost saying to myself “I have never achieved a resolution in the past, so why would this one be any different”. Sometimes by just changing the wording on it can change your whole mindset.

With that all said you are probably wondering what my goals and intentions are. Well my goals are about what I want to achieve in my Kinesiology and personally with my family – specifically around expanding my connections and being able to help more people grow and develop. My intention is to come from a space of love in all my dealings, both business and personal.

So far so good with my goals, I am already focusing on them and starting to achieve them.

I challenge you to think about how you can set your goals and intentions for 2014!

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