About Debbie

Hi, I am Debbie. I deliver Kinesiology, Meditation and Workshops to women who are struggling to find peace with their internal dialogue and with the silent pain, agony and guilt they are really feeling within. Through igniting pleasure, excitement and confidence women can feel alive and content with who they are, especially when they have set the bar too high for themselves as obligations and expectations have left them feeling like life is happening around you and not through you.

By using understanding and compassion I enable my clients to feel in control of three life, even through emotional turmoil. Because I work with clients individually I am able to delve deeper and see what is truely going on within themselves and around them. This is done easily through Kinesiology and Guided Meditations to empower my clients to tap into their own intuition to guide them through life.



Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. – Ronald Dahl –

I work strongly with love and magic in my life and with my clients.  Through love and magic all is possible. I believe that coming from a space of love changes how we act, react and interact with ourselves and others. It is through this love that we are able to attract and create magic. Magic comes when we are centred within ourself and content in who we are, wherever we are.

Fully enjoy your life today through your own love and magic from within.

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