Back to School

It is that time already, time for lunches, uniforms, brain food boxes, shoes, water bottles, school bags, jumpers and the list goes on and on!! Back to School time again – how quickly the holidays go. I wanted to share with you what my home was like this morning….

All of my children have very different personalities and this morning was no different before school as I had four very different responses to starting school! I had one who was very excited and keen to get there, another who was angry and cranky about why do I have to go to school, another who was quiet and wanting to go back to bed, and lastly another who was just going with the morning school readiness flow! I find that the best way I can deal with all of these different personalities is to be in the right head space and be feeling well and good about myself. If I am in a calm and balanced state then I am able to interact with each and every different mood that comes my way. How can I be in a calm and balanced state with all this mayhem going on around me – well the first thing is that I maintain an overall healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and be happy with what I have and the life I lead. I know that this is the ideal, which is hard to maintain everyday with the pressures of everyday life hitting us, and believe me there are many times when I fall ofF the health bandwagon (as I just finish eating a chocolate muffin!) But I do believe that if we commit to overall happiness and health (mind and body) then we can indulge in a few moments of stress or a food indulgence, as long as we continue to focus on the healthy side of life and not lean too far into the unhealthy side.

In many of my kinesiology sessions, both personally and with clients I have found that one of the biggest obstacles that the majority of us are faced with is Self Worth issues (me included)! I have also found (especially in my own self worth journey) that by caring about what I think, love and do and letting go of other peoples judgement of myself (actual or made up in my own mind), then I am able value and love myself a little more each day.

So take sometime out today to value and love yourself, you may even want to say an affirmation to yourself – my favourite one is I AM HAPPY BEING ME!. Use my affirmation or make one up that resonates with you. Repeat it to yourself whenever you feel that self doubt creeping back into your mind!

Take a break this week, the school holidays can be a very hectic time in keeping little ones entertained and busy. So treat yourself with a break and enjoy a quiet moment.

Until next blog, enjoy your children.


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