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How do I become more HEART-CENTRED?


In our history, the heart has always been represented as a symbol of health, wisdom, intuition, guidance and higher intelligence. Even the ancient Egyptians, referred to the heart as ieb, believed that the heart (rather than the brain) was the centre of life and the source of human wisdom. The Greeks considered the heart to be an independent source of heat within the body and the Roman’s understood the heart to be the body’s most life-giving vital organ.

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What people are saying about Beyond The Schoolyard


“A very interesting read. As a victim of school yard bullying I know exactly how that can effect your everyday adult life, as well as how you parent your children.

It’s important for people to try different ways to let go of all the pain from the past. This book is a great way to introduce yourself with many new and interesting ways you can get to know yourself so you can move forward. Highly recommend all parents to read this Read More

Beyond The Schoolyard

A lot of people ask me why did you write a book? Why did you write about bullying? Is it something you have always wanted to do? Well here is an excerpt from the Introduction of my book Beyond The Schoolyard….

My name is Debbie Rossi, the author of Beyond the School Yard. I’m going to share with you a little of my personal journey and the heartache that led me to write this book, and what it means to me.

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Beyond the School Yard

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