Brain, The Left Hemisphere

Our brains are the most powerful and complex organism in the world. The brain is divided into two hemispheres, the left and right hemisphere. These two hemispheres are connected via the Corpus Callosum – which consists of approx 200-250 million nerve fibres that connect the two hemispheres.

Over the next 3 blogs I want to give you a brief overview of your Brain. Starting today I will give you some basic background information on the left hemisphere or left brain.

The left side of our brain is responsible for things like logic, reason, auditory information, speech, numbers, time orientated, conscious thoughts and past or future thoughts.

The left side of the brain loves lists, sequences and order. It also plays a major role in the analysis of information.

In our children’s classroom a student who is left hemisphere dominant can be good at planning, listening to directions and following directions. They can be good in subjects which require reason, logic and order like maths, reading and spelling.

We use the left hemisphere of the brain to rely on things that are going on around us, as it will analyse what is going on by referring to past events and feelings in order to determine our present thought or action. It is in the left hemisphere that any new experience or information can be stored for future reference.

So are you left-hemisphere dominant? Do you prefer information to be given to you in order or in a sequence, like a list or graph. Or think about when you are under stress do you usually think about and discuss the issue before you take an action…… If the answer is yes to these questions, then you are most likely left-hemisphere dominant as before you can take an action or deal with a current situation your brain needs to access stored information from past experiences.

Our brain really is amazing, now stay tuned for my next blog on the right hemisphere. Once you have the background information on both hemispheres I will then blog about how important it is in our children’s learning to use the left and right hemisphere together for full integrated learning to occur!

Until next blog, enjoy your children.


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