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What is Bringing Happy Back?

Bringing Happy Back is the culmination of a life journey in finding that inner peace and happiness which lies dormant within each and every one of us. The program offers a step by step process to find that inner joy, treasure it, and share it with loved ones. It is this which creates a real role model of every parent. It’s a program that a key life teaching concept parents need to bring up a confident, happy and powerful future generation.


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  • Emma Bevan, Psychologist

    Debbie Rossi has a wonderful combination of traits that not only make her a gifted kinesiologist, but also an inspiring healer. Her insight and knowledge quickly allow her to uncover the root cause of whatever issue or health concern her clients may have, and her compassionate, warm and nurturing style immediately put her clients at ease. I would recommend Debbie to anyone who really wants to get to the heart of the matter.

    -Emma Bevan, Psychologist
  • Angela, Meditation Class

    I first met Debbie through our children’s school. As I got to know her, I began to appreciate her focused, positive, calm and cheerful manner, even during stressful times. I was really interested in how she was able to maintain her outlook, as I had been attending a Mindful Meditation course, to gain just these qualities. Debbie told me that she had been practising meditation for years, and I thought: ‘well it certainly seems to work’. Then Read More

    -Angela, Meditation Class
  • Sacha Kaluri, Youth Motivational Speaker and Director of the Australian Teenage Expo

    A very interesting read. As a victim of schoolyard bullying, I know exactly how that can affect your everyday adult life, as well as how you parent your children.
    It’s important for people to try different ways to let go of all the pain from the past. This book is a great way to introduce yourself to many new and interesting ways you can get to know yourself so you can move forward. Highly recommend all parents to read this Read More

    -Sacha Kaluri, Youth Motivational Speaker and Director of the Australian Teenage Expo
  • Carolyn, Beyond The Schoolyard

    I finished your book last night and just wanted to let you know that I thought it was great.  It’s interesting to hear the thoughts of someone going through bullying and I could relate to a lot of it even though I wasn’t bullied like you were.  My issues were more from low self confidence, but there were similarities in the feelings.  It has some great tips in there and is a must read for any adult that has gone Read More

    -Carolyn, Beyond The Schoolyard
  • Michelle, Meditation Class

    Debbie’s small group classes offer a personalised approach to meditation for beginners. She is an experienced practitioner who gently guides you through a variety of meditation styles so that you can learn and experience different approaches. She concludes each session with a brief reflection and discussion on applying the meditation in day to day life.
    I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere she brings to the class and leave each week feeling calm, focused and refreshed.

    -Michelle, Meditation Class
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