Action, action and more ACTION…

At my ‘Align with your 2015 Dreams’ workshop on the weekend, I was asked “How do I overcome these negative thoughts that keep popping up in my mind, I know what they are yet they continue to keep on coming?”

Action, action and more ACTION was my answer.

Action is what will stop that thought in its track and more you away from it into a more positive place!

For me, this is something that I used to struggle with, because yes I knew why and what my negative thoughts were about, yet they continued on. So now whenever I feel that niggling self-doubt pop up, I take action in my life. It almost feels like I am proving that the self-doubt is a thing of the past and I am moving onto a more empowering future through the action!

This also keeps me away from that ‘poor me’ phase, which I would easily slip into once those negative thoughts arrived and I would relive different examples in my life where I felt like I was not good enough! The emotion would rise within me and I would begin to feel stuck in this phase again…

It is through the action of either a task in my business, putting myself out there in a social situation or simply just getting off the couch!

How can you take ACTION today to move away from your negative thoughts and into an empowered tomorrow?

To your happiness,

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Align with your 2015 Dreams

Have you created your vision board for 2015?


Often when we create a vision board, it also stirs many underlying emotions of doubt, fear and anxieties to achieving what we desire. These feelings are expected as we are setting a vision of something that we want to achieve to extend ourselves in ways we did not think were possible.


For me a big one on my vision board is to do big event speaking engagements. This is something I have always dreamed of doing, yet the thought of doing it absouluetly scares me! It brings up all those feelings of not been good enough! Yet in order to achieve this vision, I need to do more than just place a picture of it on my vision board, I need to work through my doubts and fears to allow me to grow and reach my vision.This is something I have found with my clients, that it is often a fear or doubt that holds them back from succeeding at a goal. By understanding what these fears are, we are then able to chip away at them to eliminate them once and for all in our lives.

My popular workshop called ‘Align with your 2015 Dreams’ is back again this year, to register please click here.

It includes:

Access to Kinesiology muscle testing to pinpoint your exact area of focus for 2015 aligned with your body, mind and spirit. We will also be able to determine any stresses that may prevent you from reaching your 2015 vision.

You will also receive…
– Personalised changeable vision board

– Gratitude diary

– Guided meditation on the night

– Establish any fears, doubts or behaviours that will prevent you from reaching your vision.

– Tips and tools to implement at home to put your 2015 vision into action.

Places are limited so please click here to book your seat today.


To your happiness,
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Bad Habits

Did you know that we train our brain to think, believe, act, react and behave? We have been training our brains for years and often we do not even know how or where it started. Our thoughts and self-beliefs just become a habit and often a bad habit which we struggle to break.

For me, I trained my brain to think that I was not good enough, which was as a result of the childhood bullying I experienced. Even though the bullying finished many years ago, the effects of low self-belief and little self-esteem remained with me for many years into my adulthood. These thoughts had become a habit for me to think and what my brain knew to keep me safe from harm.

I am writing this blog today as it often helps when breaking these negative self-beliefs to see them just as a habit and something that the brain does, to avoid us getting caught up in the drama and emotion of the feeling.  Once our brain starts to think about the emotion and drama of the feelings, it will get caught up in it and we will start to relive the event. Our brain will no longer be able to tell what is fact or your perception of the facts!

The left side of our brain tends to dominate our thoughts and daily routines, as it is the side of the brain for logic, reason, routines and thinking. It is this side of the brain that will reference what happened in the past to justify why you are feeling what you are feeling in the present moment. The left side of the brain is also where habits are formed and maintained through proving what we believe to be true!

The right side of the brain is the bigger picture side, imagination, instinct and creative side. It is here that we can see a different perspective to our current negative thoughts and beliefs by seeing more than just the problem at hand. It is through our creativeness and imagination that we can create and explore a new belief and image of ourselves and step away from the old one that no longer serves us.

This knowledge really helped me break through my old beliefs around not feeling good enough, as it allowed me to see it for what it was, an old habit that my brain felt safe in.

It was not true, but I believed it to be true for many years, because I was too involved in the emotion and drama of the feelings that I could not see what was true or not true.

Once I can see this logically, I can start to break down the barriers and negative beliefs of myself. I can start to change my brain to create and explore positive self-beliefs that I am good enough! And you know what I always was!!

I challenge you today to start to look at the habits that your brain is thinking and how they influence your life. How can you break the old habits that no longer serve you?

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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I have come across fears a lot lately in my personal and business life! It seems to be that fears are always popping their ugly heads up!

At a recent expo I ran I was talking to Mum’s in business and about how their fears present themselves in their businesses (and of course their personal life). What I found interesting about this is that they were having the same sorts of fears that I have? This got me thinking? How can they have the same sorts of fears if I do not know them or know anything about their business. Why and how can we have similar fears? What is it that connects us to feel the same way?

Upon my reflection of this, I have realised that the reason is because underneath the fears we all have the same basic needs, to be accepted, to be good enough and to be loved. The fears we feel on the outside are just a reflection that one of our basic needs are not being met on the inside.

Once we  are able to meet our needs from the inside out then we can face our fears head on.

This is definitely easier said than done, trust me. I know what it feels like to face fears head on. My biggest fear in my life is that I am not good enough – a good enough mother or wife or business woman (and the list does continue on – but i think you understand that it appears in all areas of my life!). I find that the fear will present itself in many different ways, the latest way is by fearing that if I spend more time on my business then my children will suffer as I will not be there for them! When I look at this factually it really is not true as my children will not even notice that I am spending more time in my business because I work during the days when my children are at school. It makes no sense, but the fear is very real to me. When I drill down to see why this fear is appearing, it is because I fear that I will fail (and hence not be good enough) and I fear that I may succeed (and hence more people may see that I am not good enough)! It is crazy and makes no sense when I look at it logically. But the fear is still so real to me.

What helps me to overcome this?? Is that I start to focus on the reasons why I feel the fear, which for me is not been good enough. When I focus on that I take the limelight off the emotion surrounding the fear. This allows me to focus on what is important and what i can change from the inside out! And of course I can then set up boundaries around how I can incorporate solutions into my life as well, which for me is about setting up my boundaries around when I work and when I spend time with the kids.

Think about your fears logically and see what unmet emotional need they are representing in your life? Is it like me that you worry about not been good enough?

Look at the real reasons behind your fears to allow you to let it go (once and for all)!

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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