Which chapter are you?

How can we move on to the next chapter of our lives if we are stuck reliving the old chapters?


When we get caught in the emotion and drama of a past event, our brain cannot distinguish if it is a new or old event, it just relives it as a new one, bringing about more emotion and even physiological changes within our bodies! Think about this logically for a moment, if you are thinking about a past event how can your brain think about the current moment, it is too busy dealing with the emotion of what had happened.


I know I often get caught up in this one and many of the clients I see have the same problem. Clients (and I include myself in this) will come in with many stories about what has happened. This will become the focus and basis of their thoughts and current reactions and actions. It is not the event that we need to pay our attention to, in fact it is the lesson that this event has allowed us to see and learn from so we can grow and become a better person. When we focus on the lesson it allows us to see the event in a more positive light and to then incorporate this learning into our current life.


Logically this seems easy, yet when we fuel the events with emotions it becomes an almost impossible thing to do!
So how can you start to make the first step away from the emotion, is to write down the facts about what happened – logically only with no emotion involved. See it as a third party observer. Read what you have written down and see where the learnings are, always focusing on the facts of the situation. If this fails, then come and see me for a Kinesiology session to get you started on the process!


Remember, “Your don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”.


To your happiness,

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