Happy Mum = Happy Kids Webinar

* Does your house feel like a constant battle ground?
* Do you fly off the handle over the little things?
* Do you seem to be doing everything for everyone else and often feel like they take you for granted?

* Are you constantly arguing with your children?
* Do you feel like you are always battling to be heard?
* Do you worry that you are not a good mother?

If you feel any of these 3 things then this webinar is a must for you.

Debbie is passionate about helping other stressed out, out of control Mums to get control and enjoyment back in their lives. Mothering is one of the most stressful, demanding and overwhelming roles in society, yet we often go in blind with little resources. During this webinar you will learn Debbie’s top 7 tips to become a Happy Mum.

Debbie Rossi is a speaker, presenter, author of Beyond the Schoolyard and owner of a successful Kinesiology business. For Debbie it is all about creating happy, secure and confident Mums and children.

You will walk away with…..

# Powerful techniques to remove any guilt you currently experience.
# Celebrate and enjoy life to its fullest.
# Essential tips to feel calmer, in control and confident.
# Find more time for yourself.

Here is a testimonial from a recent webinar Debbie ran:

“Debbie is a highly skilled and engaging presenter. She has a wealth of knowledge and the ability to impart it to her audience in a very clear and structured way. Debbie’s non-judgemental and innovative approach to supporting the wellbeing of mothers and children is a breath of fresh air. I love the way Debbie teaches from her own experience and lives from the heart”. Alison Burton, Director, Simply Natural Therapies



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