Hectic to Harmonious

Hectic to Harmonious

HectictoHarmonious-inner-pic– Do you wish you had more hours in the day, more energy and more patience to enjoy your children?
– Do you often feel like you are taken for granted?
– Do you get upset over the smallest things in your days?

I have been helping Mums find more time, be calmer and ultimately have more energy and time for themselves and their families. I am a Mum of 4 children and the author of ‘Beyond The Schoolyard’. I juggle life, children and home duties as well as my business effectively and easily. I am passionate about teaching other Mums the techniques I use daily to stay calm and in control!Let me show you how in an intensive 6 hour workshop to get control of your family and your life.

During this workshop Debbie will use Kinesiology muscle testing to individually identify the underlying emotional blocks that are holding you back from making the change to your household. This workshop will set you up for success in your own home environment.

You will walk away with…
– Powerful techniques to discover more time in your days.
– Get control of your “out of control” life.
– Skills to stop the household fighting and bickering and start to regain your enjoyment for Motherhood!

Here is a testimonial from a recent workshop Debbie ran: 
“Wonderful, informative, useful and insightful. Thank you very much indeed.” Inger



Bookings are closed for this event.



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