Hello I am Debbie

Hi, I am Debbie.

Hello I am Debbie

I am a mother to four gorgeous children, I am a practicing Kinesiologist, (Total Being Kinesiology) and I am the creator of this webpage.

I first developed a keen interest in Kinesiology when my second daughter who was aged 5 at the time was suffering from continual headaches. She began suffering from these headaches from the about the age of 2. She was always a very fussy baby and a moody personality. It got to the point where her headaches began to roll into one another and she had no relief. In my attempt to help her, I tried many different techniques to relieve her of her headaches, but nothing had any long-term success. A friend suggested that I take my daughter to see a Kinesiologist. I did and I was amazed! The Kinesiologist had determined that dairy products were the reason why she was getting so many headaches. Dairy products I thought – it can’t be! I give all of my children dairy at least 2 -3 times a day, in smoothies, yoghurt, glasses of milk, cheese sandwiches, on cereal, ice-cream and the list goes on and on! My Kinesiologist suggested that I delete dairy from her diet for at least 2 months to see it makes a difference. I walked out of there very confused and stressed as what was I going feed her and the thought of her not getting enough calcium stressed me out (as I was always told that children need at least 2-3 serving of dairy a day for their calcium intake!) I went home and digested the information for about a day and decided to go ahead with the non-dairy plan. It took quite a bit of planning and negotiating with my daughter for her to make other diet choices instead of dairy. So we swapped the smoothies for fruit juices, the cheese sandwiches with salad sandwiches, the ice-cream with sorbet! Within a week of the non-dairy eating I was amazed that her moods had changed dramatically and her headaches were decreasing. After 3 weeks she was actually headache free! I was intrigued with how my Kinesiologist worked this out. When I went back for my follow up appointment with my Kinesiologist I asked a lot more questions about how and why it works, she explained to me that using muscle testing she can determine if dairy or any other product can and will stress the body out! After the second session I was hooked – hook, line and sinker!! I needed to know how this worked and ultimately how I could help my daughters and son with a many array of things. My mind boggled. So I enrolled in a Kinesiology course, and three years later I am still amazed with what Kinesiology can achieve.

Now the reasoning behind my blog, is because I feel like I have been able to help my children and other children in many different aspects of their lives; diet, anxiety, learning, emotional issues, physical issues that I wanted to be able to get in touch with people, like yourself, to share my knowledge around. I feel that if I can help one family out there with my knowledge then my blog is a success!

Please read through my blogs, email me any questions, send through your favorite healthy recipes and we can all learn from each other and go through this journey of parenthood together. I have a joke with a girlfriend of mine that we are waiting for the manuals for our children to arrive in the mail (to give us all the answers for how we should raise our children) but our manuals never arrived!! So I see this blog as our manual and guide to help us all to raise our children into happy, healthy and successful children.

Enjoy your children.


My Qualifications:
• Debbie is a qualified Kinesiologist with a Diploma in Kinesiology and a Certificate IV in Kinesiology (ICPKP) from the Kinesiology Centre of South East Melbourne.
• Debbie is qualified in LEAP – Brain Integration 1.
• Debbie is qualified in Flower Essences and specialises in the Australian Bush Flower Essences.
• Debbie is a Specialist Registered Kinesiology Practictioner with the Australian Kineisology Association (AKA).
• Debbie has a current Level 2 First Aid Certificate.
• Debbie has a current Working with Children Check.

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