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  • Do you seem to be doing everything for everyone else and often feel like they take you for granted?
  • Do you get upset over the smallest things in your days?
  • Do you run out of time to get everything done?
  • Does everyday feel like “Ground-Hog Day” and you are left feeling trapped, unfulfilled and lacking clarity?

Are you being driven crazy by a little army that you created? As a fellow busy mother, I understand the many pressures and demands that we put on ourselves to be the “perfect” mother who does everything! If you are anything like I used to be, the endless “To Do List” tends to grow each day, yet is never closer to completion. As mothers we tend to do everything and anything for everyone else around us and forget to look after ourselves. When we forget to look after ourselves, our health and emotional well-being suffers and our inner reserves run on low.

These demands and pressures almost become like a boiling pot inside ourselves which will boil over at the slightest thing going wrong (or not as planned) in our worlds. This is often accumulated by the fact that we have our own emotional baggage from the past which will cause our current life to be tainted and cause us to feel low in confidence, self-belief and self-worth.

Do you want to escape this trap and have more energy and time for the important things in life? Do you want to be the role model of a confident, loving, and appreciated person to your children? If so, join me in this journey of self-love!

Contact me for details on how you can become the BEST version of YOU in every part of your life!

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5 years ago I discovered Kinesiology when my second daughter was a migraine sufferer from as young as I can remember until she was about 5 years old (she is now 10 years old). She was on a merry-go-round of migraines to panadol/nurofen to vomiting to pain-free for a few weeks and then back on the merry-go-round again!

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Success Stories

Brain Gym
While conducting an inquiry into holistic health with our Grade 5/6 students Debbie Rossi worked with our students about how the brain functions. Debbie came into the class each week and conducted informative sessions, where the children were engaged in learning about the importance of completing brain exercises regularly, to optimise learning performance. The children participated in brain exercises to Mozart’s music to stimulate various parts of the brain. The children enjoyed Debbie’s sessions and reflected at the end of the inquiry that they had learnt so much from Debbie about the importance of being aware of brain function. I highly recommend Debbie’s sessions to help children understand holistic health and a balanced education.
Larissa Boyhan, Director of Learning, Grade 5/6 Teacher

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