Ignite Your Possibilities


– Do you feel like doubt or fear hold you back from succeeding?

– Are you struggling to be the person you know you can be in your personal or business life?

– Does life feel out of control? Do you wish you had more hours in the day,more enery and more patience to enjoy your children?

I have been helping Mums find more time, be calmer and ultimately have more energy and time for themselves and their families. I am passionate about teaching other Mums the techniques I use daily to stay calm and in control, whilst I juggle life, children, home duties and my own business! During Ignite Your Possibilities Debbie will use Kinesiology muscle testing to individually identify the underlying emotional blocks that are holding you back from making the change to your life and household.

Ignite Your Possibilities is broken into these 12 essential steps:


1) Time Audit

See where you are wasting time and how you can manage your time better and easily.


2) Multiply Your Time

Learn how to prioritse your time better to allow for you to get more done in less time.


3) Double Productivity

Learn that multitasking is a waste of time!


4) Discover You

Be the person who you know deep down inside you can be. Believe in yourself that you can be who you really are.


5) Drama Be Gone

Moving forward and not letting the past define who you are today and what you feel and think today


6) Attitude of Gratitude

This is very powerful. When you live a life of gratitude you live humbly and in appreciation of everything that you have and do.


7) Fantasy vs Reality

This is about how our everyday thoughts constantly affect everything in our lives.


8) Power of Communication

Become a powerful communicator without judgement.


9) Not the Problem

Looking for the underlying emotions and sabotage programs in what is going on in your life.


10) Kinesiology Explored

Learn some amazing Kinesiology techniques that you can do yourself at home.


11) Self Care Made Easy

Looking after yourself and your health is so important


12) Celebrate You

Celebrate and enjoy your life. Live and be happy with who and what you are

I have taken many clients through Ignite Your Possibilities on a “one on one” basis over either a 3, 6 or 12 month period. Please email me on [email protected] with the subject Ignite Your Possibilities – Free Introduction Session, for your free 30 minute introductory session with me on Skype or Face to Face at my Kinesiology Melbourne Clinic. These sessions are limited to only 4 per month, so please be quick to book your session

Ignite Your Possibilities will enable you with the tools and tips to…

– Feel calmer, in control and confident.
– Find more time for yourself.
– Remove any guilt you currently experience.
– Celebrate and enjoy life to its fullest.

See what people have been saying about my program!

Brain Gym
While conducting an inquiry into holistic health with our Grade 5/6 students Debbie Rossi worked with our students about how the brain functions. Debbie came into the class each week and conducted informative sessions, where the children were engaged in learning about the importance of completing brain exercises regularly, to optimise learning performance. The children participated in brain exercises to Mozart’s music to stimulate various parts of the brain. The children enjoyed Debbie’s sessions and reflected at the end of the inquiry that they had learnt so much from Debbie about the importance of being aware of brain function. I highly recommend Debbie’s sessions to help children understand holistic health and a balanced education.
Larissa Boyhan, Director of Learning, Grade 5/6 Teacher
Beyond the School Yard

Meditation Made Easy!
Bring Calm & Focus to Your Life