It is what it is!

It is what it is! This is one of my favourite sayings and I often drive my kids crazy by saying it!

To me “it is what it is” is about being in the present moment. By being in the present moment you are not focusing on what could / should / would have been in the past or what could / should / would in the future. We cannot change the past or control the future – even though there are many times I wish we could have! The only thing we can change or influence is the present moment! 

It is also about accepting what or who we cannot change and just let the situation or person be! Let them be who they want to be and not who you think they should be! 

I say this saying quite a lot when I am busy or feeling stressed out! Last night I had a crazy busy night – between netball, tutoring, two school discos and dinner! Last night when I said “it is what it is”, it helps me take the anxiety and stress out of the situation and just see it as tasks that I need to do! So last night as I was going between activities I kept saying to myself “it is ok – because it is what it is”. When I get there I get there! I could not control all of the craziness going on around me, but I could change my perspective on the situation!

In my Kinesiology clinic i see many people who struggle to cope with their busy lives and are STRESSED OUT! This is one simple change that you can make to your perception of a busy situation as when you see things as just what it is – then you can see that it is okay to be busy and take things one at a time..

I challenge you next time you need to be in 3 places at once or when you are crazy busy or when you are focusing on something or someone that you cannot change, remember to say to yourself “it is what it is!”. 

This is great also to teach our kids, let the know it is ok and they are ok. Let them know that when they feel calmer inside, it will make it easier for them to deal with whatever is going in around them – studying, socially or family.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children!

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