Meditation for Kinesiology

Enter the new paradigm in Kinesiology.

My mission is for every Kinesiologist to use Meditation as an essential tool for their clients and for themselves as practitioners, clearing their clients and their own deep subconscious fears so they can become a clear vessel for the highest good.

• Take your clients to a deeper level for lasting change
• Clear deep subconscious beliefs and issues for your clients
• Learn how to tailor meditations for your clients
• Keep your own energies cleared and aligned for your own highest good


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This training is for you…

• You want to allow your clients to experience the deeper subconscious connection
• You desire to create a space that allows the client to return to their own love and highest good within
• You are ready to take your clients into a complete space of release for their body, mind and soul
• You want to learn how you can use muscle testing to create tailored Meditations for your client.
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3 Essentials to Meditation in Kinesiology Sessions

• Use muscle testing to create specific meditations for your client
• Create a space that allows a client for deep release
• Teaching your clients how they can use meditation within their own daily lives

This is what Sally, Kinesiologist said about the course…  “I really appreciate finding you and being on this course. This course is definitely not just a put on the shelf for me as I’m already aware of the power of transformation in what you are offering. It’s changing how I go about my life and how I work as a Kinesiologist”. 

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Meditation for Kinesiology Online Course

Is a live 8 week online course beginning on the 16th July at 11am (AEST) or 8 pm until 9 pm (AEST) each Tuesday.

These modules will delve into…
How Kinesiology and Meditation work together?
How to actually incorporate Meditation into a Kinesiology session?
Exploring the basic 5 principles of Meditation.
Different Kinesiology corrections that include pain management, stress, chakras, inner child, forgiveness, emotional release and more.
The importance of meditation in your own daily life to be fully present and energetically cleared for your clients.

Each week you will receive a written module emailed to you, that you will be required to read and understand before each live module is presented on a Tuesday.

During the live modules, you will have the opportunity to practice and also ask any questions.

Cost $497


Who is Debbie Rossi and my why?

I, Debbie Rossi run a successful Kinesiology practice in Melbourne. I am also a Meditation Teacher and run weekly Meditation Classes. I am an author of the book “Beyond the Schoolyard’ which is a book that helps empower you to release the effects of bullying using Kinesiology. I am a speaker and will be presenting my course Meditation for Kinesiology at the up and coming Australian Kinesiology Association Conference in Sydney in March 2019. I am also a mother of 4 teenage children!

I have been practicing Kinesiology for many years with my clients. Over the years I have found that my clients were not taking responsibility for themselves, they were relying on me to give them the answers with little or no personal responsibility. I would have clients coming back time and time again (which is great for business but not so great for my clients) as they would not take responsibility for their own issues, forgetting to do their homework to follow through with the work at home. Like I always say to my clients, “I will set you up for success here in this session but what you do at home on an everyday basis will ensure that this success continues way past this hour we have together”.

When I started incorporating Meditation into my Kinesiology sessions, I was able to give my clients the opportunity
to see for themselves,
to feel for themselves,
to think for themselves and
to understand for themselves (rather than me just telling them through muscle testing).

I found that by creating a space for them to have this experience allowed them to be more present in the session, take responsibility and bring a greater awareness into what was going on for them.

Let’s be honest, life continues to happen and throw us curve balls each day (sometimes we feel every moment). But as a Kinesiologist you cannot be present with your clients on every issue they have and Meditation gives them the tools to access their own higher consciousness themselves on a daily or moment by moment basis.

Hence why now my business is busier than ever, as my clients can see the change in their own everyday life, to grow and evolve themselves more. They are more committed to the process. And word of mouth referrals are more prevalent in my business.

I am now fully aligned in working for my client’s highest purpose and not my own purpose.

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Explore the course curriculum

Module 1…
How does Kinesiology and Meditation work together?
Why is Meditation the missing piece for Kinesiology?
What does Meditation look like in a Kinesiology practice?

Module 2…
Exploring my 5 basic principles of Meditation
Heart space connection
Inner guidance / intuition

Module 3…
Delving deeper into the importance of breath

Module 4…
Learn many different Meditations as Kinesiology correction points
Including pain management, stress, emotional release and more

Module 5…
Learn more Meditations for Kinesiology correction points
This week we focus on Inner Child & Forgiveness

Module 6…
Learn even more Meditations for Kinesiology correct points
We explore our Chakras this week

Module 7…
Learn how to create your own Meditations for your clients

Module 8…
Keeping your own self energetically aligned through daily Meditation practices
Learn how to create your own rituals to keep yourself cleared and aligned when seeing clients


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What do you get when you join

• 8 weekly online modules via zoom (recorded)
• Unlimited mentoring by Debbie Rossi for the duration of the course
• 8 written modules for you to immerse yourself in and keep as a learning tool
• A variety of standard Meditations that you can use as a guide for your clients in your Kinesiology sessions
• Meditation for Kinesiology Protocol for you to use during your Kinesiology sessions
• Opportunities to ask any questions during the weekly online calls
• Create your own daily rituals to keep yourself aligned and cleared


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Things to Know

Q: What if I can’t make the recording?
Each week’s module will be recorded for you to watch at any time that is suitable to you. You can watch the recording as many times as you like.

Q: How much time do I need to invest in this course?
Each week you will be required to watch the 1-hour video plus read the relevant written module plus practice the techniques. This will require a 2-3 hour commitment each week.

Q: Do I receive a certificate at the end of this course?
Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion which you can use for your continued professional development.

Q: I have not yet completed my Kinesiology training, is this course right for me?
Yes, this course can be done at any time during your training. This is a valuable added bonus course to enrich your Kinesiology balances.

Q: I have learnt Meditation before, is this course right for me?
Yes, this course uses a variety of Meditation practices and is focused on how to incorporate Meditation into your Kinesiology sessions.

Q: I have never done an online course before, how does it work?
Each week you will log into ZOOM (the link will be provided to you upon registration). I will meet you online to run the course and then you will have the opportunity to ask any questions at the end of the zoom call. All you need is a computer or smartphone, which has video and audio functions.

Q: Will I be supported during this course?
Absolutely yes, Debbie will be available to you via email during the duration of the course to ask any questions. You will also have the opportunity at the end of each weekly call to ask questions.

Q: I am already a successful Kinesiologist, how will this course help me?
This course is a great way to add on value to yourself and your clients. Meditation allows our clients to delve deeper into their subconscious programming and also to release emotional blockages. These meditations can be recorded during a Kinesiology session and then either given to your clients as an added bonus for their homework, or if you prefer you can charge your clients for these Meditations to use at home.

Q: When does the course begin?
The course will run from the 16th July 2019 for 8 weeks (last week is 3rd September). It will be at 11 am until 12 pm (AEST) OR 8 pm until 9 pm (AEST) each Tuesday. Maximum numbers for each intake is 10 participants, so please let me know via email ([email protected]) if you prefer another timeslot which will be advised once the intake is reached. 

Q: How do I pay for the course?
All payments need to completed before the beginning of the course via my online payment system (simply click on the JOIN NOW button).


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Beyond the School Yard

Meditation Made Easy!
Bring Calm & Focus to Your Life