Meditation Made Easy

I am always surprised when my clients tell me that they have never meditated as they simply don’t know how. I am surprised because I use meditation every day to calm, centre and energise me.

Hence I have created a 1.5 hour workshop called ‘Meditation Made Easy’, to show you just how easy meditation is for yourself and your children.

Meditation will empower you to move from feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed into a space of peace and calm in your daily ‘busy’ life.

This 1.5 hour intimate workshop will teach you the essentials of meditation, to quieten and calm your mind, body and life.

On the night you will receive…
– Guided meditation.
– Gratitude diary.
– Tips and tools to use meditation in your daily busy life.

I would love to show you how easy meditation is, so please join me by booking your ticket today.

To your happiness,

Signature -Debbie

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Meditation Made Easy!
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