Number 1 Tip to Overcome Your Down

We all have our ups and downs within our day-to-day lives. When we focus on the downs it will often make them seem like we are unable to overcome these downs. By focusing on the down, we bring in emotion and often past examples to re-enforce the down. So we end up not only experiencing the current down but also the many past examples of a similar down.

When we step away from the emotion (and the past) and look at the bigger picture which the situation is bringing it will enable us to see that there is light at the end of the down, we can re-align ourselves with the possibility of overcoming it and into the solution rather than the problem!

I know it is often hard to see a solution to the problem when we are stuck in the emotion of it, so to help I always distance myself from the situation and calm myself by taking deep breaths. Often this is enough to see beyond that moment and into the possibilities of improving the situation!

Give it a try today!

I talk a lot about changing your thoughts in the first chapter of my book, Beyond The Schoolyard. You can download my first chapter by clicking here.

To your happiness,

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