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Recently I had an experience that was really outside my comfort zone. In my adult life I have always been very cautious and fearful of trying challenging physical activities.

Well I broke this belief pattern well and truly recently! I conquered a Tree Surfing activity – all 5 levels including the Tarzan Swing (as you can see in this video)! Some of you may be thinking AND SO WHAT? Well for me, it was a huge AND WHAT!

Even when I arrived I thought there was no way I can do this. My husband and kids were also joking around, saying “There is no way Mum can do this one!”. Well I surprised myself!

When I began the 2 hour course of climbing around and through trees on wires, ropes and timber I was petrified and thinking to myself “I can’t do this, I am going to hurt myself!”. So instead of doing the easier and safer option (which for me was quitting). I thought no I am going to practice what I preach here! I often tell my children that they can do anything that they put their minds to and with this in mind, I walked the talk!! I did it and slowly slowly my mind became stronger and I relaxed into what I was doing. The course actually became easier, even though the obstacles were getting harder and higher off the ground..

At one point when my daughter and I did the Tarzan Swing (as seen in this video), we were both starting to wavier with nerves. And to add to our nerves the boy in front of us ‘chickened out’ at the last minute.  My daughter was getting nervous and I was also feeling the same, but trying to appear strong at thesame time. Arghhh!! I thought to myself we have come so far we cannot let ourselves down here. As I watched my daughter jump off the platform I used a line that I tell many of my clients (and often my children) to use… That is that it only takes 10 seconds and just think how quickly 10 seconds is over and that is how quickly it will be over!! And with this thought  I jumped off the platform and into the net! It was confronting and exhilarating at the same time. What an amazing feeling!

Upon reflection, as I am writing this blog I believe that this was also personally a metaphor for my life and business at the moment. In 2014 I am jumping into the unknown and into bigger and better things within my business. But like my Tarzan Swing, it is very confronting and scares me! But once I push through these feelings, I am then able to see that it is worth it and I CAN DO IT!!

Have a think about in your life how you practice what you preach to your children – although I am not suggesting you need to do what I did, just to think about your everyday life. Remember that actions speak louder than words, especially around our children. When you are challenging yourself think that this will pass quickly and before you know it, it will be over – like with me it was only 10 seconds!!

Have fun with it and until my next blog enjoy your children.

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