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Over the last few months I have become more and more aware of how important it is that we live in the present moment, not what could have been, should have been or would have been! The moment right now as it is right now!

Being present and in the moment is a hard one and one that I do struggle with. It is about the now and not being in the past (or stuck in the past) or in the future (or worrying about something that may or may not occur).

When we are in present moment we can see things clearer and are able to address what is happening in a more effective way! Just think about it for a moment. I had an example of this yesterday when I was stuck and I could not pick up my kids from school. At the time when I realized I was not going to make the school pick up I was feeling really stressed and anxious because last time I was late to pick up my kids from school my preppie was very concerned and upset! So with this simple example you can see that I was stressing about something in the future (that may or may not happen) and I was letting a past event actually cloud my present thought! So what did I do? I took a breath and I was able to realise what I was doing and in the present moment I was able to think clearly! There was nothing that I could physically do to get to school on time for pick up – what i could do was ask for some help (which is what I did!)

A lot of clients that I see in my clinic feel stuck in the past or are worrying about future events. Unfortunately we let our past behaviour and past emotion determine what is going on with us in the present moment, this then makes it difficult for us to see what is actually going on! Like with my simple example I was so consumed with my preppie being upset when I was late last time that I was unable to see what the best course of action was to take in the present moment!

Have a think about how your past or future events are affecting your present life! You will probably be surprised at how often this does occur.

Remember that you can only control the present moment by being present in it – the good and the bad. So take a step away from the past and step into the moment.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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