Align with your Vision



Product Description

Create your vision board with a personalised twist! The twist is that you will have access to Kinesiology muscle testing to pinpoint your exact area of focus, aligned with your body, mind and spirit. We will also be able to determine any stresses that may prevent you from reaching your vision.


You will receive…

– Personalised changeable vision board

– Guided meditation on the night

– Establish any fears, doubts or behaviours that will prevent you from reaching your vision.

– Tips and tools to implement at home to put your vision into action.


Testimonials from recent Align with your Vision Workshops: 

“Thanks Debbie! I loved having ‘me’ time to focus on what I will manifest into my life. Lovely atmosphere to do this activity!”

“Thank you Debbie, how lovely to have this time to reflect and plan. It was wonderful”. – Amanda


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