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The Art of Mindfulness



Product Description

– Do you feel anxious and overwhelmed by the little things in life?
– Do you worry about what the future will bring?
– Is your mind constantly chattering and never quiet?
I was once this person and who struggled daily with my internal thoughts as I constantly worried if I was ‘good enough’.  I am a Mum of 4 children, kinesiologist, parent advisor and the author of ‘Beyond The Schoolyard’. I believe that you can step away from your anxieties, worries and stresses through mindfulness. I am also passionate about teaching you the techniques I use daily to stay calm and in control of my life through the ‘Art of Mindfulness!’

Let me show you how in an intensive 1.5 hour workshop to get control of your life in the present moment. This workshop will set you up for success in your daily life.

You will walk away with…
– Powerful techniques to discover the power of the mindfulness.
– Tips and tools to get control of your “out of control” life.
– Learn the power of the present moment.

Here are some testimonials from a recent workshop Debbie ran called ‘Align with your 2015 Vision’: 

“Relaxing atmosphere, well presented. Relaxing meditation. Would certainly recommend it.”

“Thank-you Debbie, how lovely to have this time to reflect and plan. It was wonderful.” – Amanda

You will receive…

– Gratitude diary

– Guided meditation on the day

– Tips and tools to implement at home to put mindfulness into action.


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