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Beginners Meditation Class


Weekly beginners Meditation Class to be held at Vital Integrated Health each Monday night 8-9pm.


Product Description

Imagine if I could show you a technique that is proven to boost happiness, health, brainpower and regulate your emotions.

How do you think that would impact your life?

I believe (and live) that meditation is a powerful tool to help calm the mind and body.¬†Meditation is so cool and has been proven scientifically to…

– Boosts your health, through improved immune function and decreases pain and inflammation at a cellular level.
– Boosts your happiness, by increasing positive emotions and decreasing depression, anxiety and stress.
– Boosts your ability to self-control, by allowing you to calm and see the bigger picture of life therefore allowing you to easily regulate your own emotions.
– Boosts your brain power, by increasing your focus and attention, improves your memory and allows you to be more creative and see the bigger picture of life.

I have a way to set you up for meditation success.

I do not run ‘standard’ meditation classes, my classes are designed to develop your intuition and personal awareness. Each week we will access your higher consciousness! This access allows us to tap into the bigger picture of your life and gives you a purpose and understanding which you can use moving forward in life.

It is called my Beginners Meditation Class and will entail…

6 x 1 hour face to face meditation classes at Vital Integrated Health (77 Willsmere Road Kew). To be held each Monday night 8-9pm starting on the 16th October.


  • Chakra Crystal Kit (valued $30)
  • Gratitude diary (valued $10)
  • Voucher for a private 15 minute Kinesiology session to determine any stresses or negative self-beliefs holding you back from achieving your vision (value $40)

There is no better way to get you started and into the groove of daily meditating.

I look forward to you joining me at my Beginners Meditation Class and seeing you experience the many benefits that meditation can bring to your world.


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