Christmas Crazy Experiment

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Christmas Crazy Experiment…

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I love Christmas time, but frankly it can be an energetically draining time of year.

• You need to catch up with family and friends whom you have not seen all year.
• The need to shop for amazing presents for my children, friends, family and teachers. (Not to mention the spares for the ones we forgot to buy for!)
• The myriad of end of year school gatherings, concerts and presentation nights!
• And somewhere in there we need to decorate the house :-/

Are you with me?

I have come up with a (crazy idea) experiment that allows you to enjoy the festive season, I believe that this time of year is here to be enjoyed yet we get so busy in the process and end up exhausted before the 25th of December even arrives.

… How about you make a special effort and do something for yourself between now and Christmas? Avoid burnout, stress and dread altogether!

… How about if you dedicated a little time to yourself so you can enjoy all the craziness that happening around you?

I know its a little nuts, because we are notorious for putting ourselves last this time of year.

This crazy idea experiment, I know you will thank yourself for later, is called…

Christmas Crazy ME Experiment.

This will include joyous, precious and cherished you time for the crazy 4 weeks leading up to Christmas.

4 x 1 hour meditation sessions (run by myself virtually so you’re in the comfort of your own home, you do not even need to leave the house and it will be recorded in case you miss it!)


2 x 1 hour Kinesiology sessions with me at my Kew Clinic before Christmas.


Full access to me via email between now and Christmas

All this for a low price of $180 (valued $350).

This Christmas Crazy ME Experiment is something that I would love to take you on, and I am calling it an experiment because I believe that by nurturing your mind, body and soul it will bring you into a space of ease and happiness this Christmas but who knows I may be wrong?!?!

There is no better Christmas present to gift yourself!

Respond to this email with a YES to join me on this Christmas Crazy ME Experiment, to (invest in your sanity) secure your space.

I look forward to you joining me on this journey and seeing you ease into Christmas with grace and elegance.


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