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Join me and other like-minded Kinesiologists in circle together as one.

Product Description

Calling all Kinesiologists who want more out of their Kinesiology business, who want to lead their clients to lasting transformation and who want to surrender their own insecurities to be the Kinesiologist they have envisioned they would be?

In honour of #kinesiologyweek I will be running a Kinesiology Circle. I would love for you to join me in circle and other like-minded Kinesiologists to share and grow ourselves as congruent and unique Kinesiologists.

This Kinesiology Circle will include…
A guided meditation to open the eyes and ears of your soul and lay down the superficial world around you,
An opportunity to reflect on your business,
Time to ask questions and share,
Practical tips that you will take away with you to grow your business.

I believe that to create a true space of healing and transformation for our clients, we need to create this space for ourselves first. By looking within ourselves and listening to our own inner guidance we can fill up our own cup of confidence, love and acceptance.

The first Kinesiology Circle will be run this Friday – 15th March at 12 pm (AEDT) for 1 hour via zoom. For a special #kinesiologyweek price of $10 (half price). Please note that once you register you will be emailed the zoom meeting details.

About me…

My name is Debbie Rossi, I have been running a successful Kinesiology practice in Melbourne for over 10 years. I am also a Meditation Teacher, who runs regular weekly classes. I have created a model to bring Meditation into my Kinesiology sessions to help my clients unlock deep subconscious beliefs. I do this by combining the art of muscle testing and my 5 basic principles in Meditation. I now also teach this new paradigm in Kinesiology to other Kinesiologists in my 8-week online zoom course.

Meditation is a powerful tool to help settle and calm a client during a Kinesiology session, as muscle testing delves deeply into subconscious programming bringing up emotional and physical responses. This allows the Kinesiologist to go deeper as clients can process the information that is revealed to them quicker and to let go of any emotions attached.

My aim is for every Kinesiologist to use Meditation as an essential tool for their clients and for themselves as practitioners to keep their own energies cleared and aligned.

I look forward to you joining me on in our Kinesiology Circle.

Much love. xx


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