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Today I want to share with you something I learnt only last week! I am in the process of completing my Counselling Kinesiology course, and I came across this piece of invaluable information that I had to share (this is one of the reasons why I love what I do so much, because I am always coming across invaluable information and tips)…..

When someone asks you something or you ask someone for something it is just a REQUEST not a DEMAND!

If you are anything like me I often do not like asking for help, I don’t think I ever have. Maybe because I see it as a sign of weakness or putting the other person out. But by changing you perception of the question you are asking and thinking of it as just a request (not a demand) then it feels like it is coming for a more gentle and caring place.. (Not that my requests were ever coming from any other place in the past – it just changes the perception of the way I am asking the question!)

As a fellow parent, we often feel that we need to do it all and be everything for our children. If we ask for help, we often view this as a reflection to the fact that we are not coping with what is going on or that we are not a good enough parent if we cannot cope! How untrue this is in reality. We all need help in everything we do from time to time in our lives. It takes a bigger person to face the fact that they need help and be able to ask for it, rather than a person who behind closed doors is struggling to cope!

I recently had a big example of this when I was in desperate need of help, my daughter had vomited at 7am on the day when I had my big presentation starting at 930am!! I was desperate, I could not cancel my presentation, but I could also not leave my daughter.. So I took my new found advice and called my for help, as a REQUEST! It felt so much easier to come from a place of requesting, it was a much fairer, relaxed and easier way!!

What do you think? Are you like me and hate asking for help? Try it today and start REQUESTING for help rather than DEMANDING for help!

Let me know how you go with it..

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.


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