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Self-worth issues are something that all of us suffer from in varying degrees and areas of our life. In the dictionary it is defined as “the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect“. I define it as “how you value yourself, what you think you are worth“.

For me self-worth is something that I have battled with most of my life, it is only now that I am starting to come out the other end of it with clarity and a strong sense of myself. Over the past few months I have had some huge shifts in this area and I wanted to share a few tips I have learnt along the way which have helped me!

I first want to start by saying that self-worth is just that SELF worth, it is not anyone else’s worth – it is your SELF worth. It is something that is within yourself and therefore only you have the power to change it and ultimately improve your SELF worth. I have found that in the past I would look for outside influences or people to improve my SELF worth, which will only have a short term band aid effect as it is within me that I need to look for self-validation not outside me! 

Another really important thing I have found is that it is important to release the pressure of trying to please others and worry (or obsess) about what they think about you and if they like you! If we think about this logically – it is crazy. We do not have the ability to control anyone else around us and their own personal thoughts, what we can control is our self and our thoughts about whom and what we are. At the end of the day it is just our perception of someone else’s view of us not the reality of what is actually going on in their own head – who knows that person, may actually be struggling with something else that is not even related to you! So stay out of their crap and step into yours, by doing this you can only make a difference to yourself.

In my clinic, I have found that the majority of people who come to see me have self-worth issues, they present with different stories and issues but the underlying issue is low self-worth! It is not until a person steps away from all of their stories and really looks at their self-worth that they can change the stories in their life. As I see a lot of Mums in my clinic I have also found that a Mother’s self-worth will have a huge impact on their child’s self-worth. So by improving your self-worth it will improve your child’s self-worth as well through role modelling – what a great catalyst to step up and make the change!

I challenge you to stop looking for outside fixes for your own self-worth and start looking within. It will take a lot of practice and courage as some of these are life long habits ad thoughts. It is such an empowering thing to do and will have huge benefits in all areas of your life… Start now, stop the stories and step into your own self-worth and power.

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.



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