Slow down..

How often do you get caught up in the busyness of life, rushing here and there and trying to be a super-woman/man to get everything done! I know I have been guilty of this many times before.


Yet all that we are doing is creating an existence of busyness with not much time left over for ourselves. When this happens we tend to lose sight of what is REALLY important in the bigger picture and get stuck in the day top day errands of life.


“Life just ends up slipping away as days roll into weeks and weeks roll into months and months roll into years.”


For me, this is something I have been focusing on a lot recently, especially as the busyness of being a Mother has kicked into full swing with school and after-school activities. I don’t want my children to grow up in an existence of ‘hurry up’ or in a state of focusing on what else needs to be done. I want them to grow up seeing that in this moment we are who we are, not focusing on the next moment. In this moment is where we can create a future we desire filled with peace, love and happiness (as this moment will dictate to the next moment and so on). I know this is what I want for my children, yet I also know that in order to teach this to my children, I need to live and breathe this.


Take a breathe and just slow down! Take the pressure off and allow yourself to see in the bigger picture of life, it does not matter if the washing is not ironed perfectly or if the floors are not mopped every week!


Make a commitment to yourself to BE IN THE MOMENT and ALLOW THAT MOMENT TO BE!


To your happiness,

Signature -Debbie

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