St Michaels Health and Well-being Expo

Last week I was privileged to present Happy Mums = Happy Kids at St Michaels Health and Wellbeing Expo.
I receive a lot of positive feedback from the presentation and I wanted to share some of it with you, my wider audience.
Here are my 7 most crucial tips to becoming a Happy Mum:
Time freedom – the biggest complaint we as mothers make is that we don’t have enough time, time to look after ourselves, get things done around the house, prepare nutritious meals, spend quality time with our children or partners etc. etc. We need to first look at what we actually do with our time first in order to evaluate how we can utilise our time better.
The past is the past – often we let the past determine and influence our present and future happiness. We need to accept, understand, forgive and let go of the past. learnt he lessons from your past to move into the present moment.
Look within – often we let our external world determine our internal happiness, which is never a long lasting happiness. We need to focus on things within us to feel empowered in our own happiness and life.
It is what it is – letting go of the struggle to be the ‘perfect’ mother. Accept yourself, your children and the situation for all that you are, just as you are.
Set the tone – children learn 80% of their behaviours, actions and reactions through role modelling. Become the person you want your children to be!
Don’t be so hard on yourself – don’t compare your inner world with someone else’s outside world. Start to treat yourself with compassion and kindness, just like you would a best friend.
An attitude for gratitude – be grateful for all that life is and has to offer you, the good and the bad.
Over the next few weeks I will delve deeper into each of these tips, so please stay tuned!
Here is a picture of me at the presentation, it was great to have so many like minded Mums in the room sharing their experiences and helping one another!
Talk photo 1

Here is some feedback I received…
“Good insights for mums. Refresh simple things that we often forget”.
“Really good and informative. A reality check, understanding everyone goes through the same emotions”.
“Practical straight forward advice that is easy to apply”.
Thank you everyone who attended.

Until my next blog guys, enjoy your children.

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