How do I become more HEART-CENTRED?

In our history, the heart has always been represented as a symbol of health, wisdom, intuition, guidance and higher intelligence. Even the ancient Egyptians, referred to the heart as ieb, believed that the heart (rather than the brain) was the centre of life and the source of human wisdom. The Greeks considered the heart to be an independent source of heat within the body and the Roman’s understood the heart to be the body’s most life-giving vital organ.

πŸ’™ Did you know that our heart is pre-cognitive. This means that it feels and acts before the brain can have a chance to think! The Heart Math Institute has done many experiments where people are monitored to see reactions to random emotional images on a computer screen. They found that the heart always responded at least 6 seconds earlier than the brain would respond. This is exciting because it means that the heart feels first and then the brain thinks second. This also means that more information is sent from the heart to the brain rather than the brain to the heart. Think about that for a moment – the heart sends more information to the brain the brain to the heart. Our feeling state (of anger, sadness, joy or happiness) control our thoughts. For example in learning, we would assume that we predominately use our brain to understand the information that we are leaning, but in reality, our heart and our feelings will affect our learning much more. If we are feeling confident and assured then our learning will be easier, yet if we are feeling unworthy and judgmental of ourselves then our learning will take more effort.

πŸ’™ Our hearts are the only organ in the body where over 40,000 neurons are clustered together. Neurons are nerve cells which carry electrical impulses. And with so many of these contained within the physical heart, it is no wonder that our heart has such a powerful effect on nervous system.

πŸ’™ Our hearts are a hormone-producing organ. It has been designed to reduce stress and anxiety by producing hormones to reduce cortisol (which is the stress-induced hormone).

πŸ’™ Our hearts produce the highest electromagnetic field within our bodies, connecting us to our higher consciousness. It has been thought that our third eye point is where we communicate with our consciousness but this area is simply the eyes (or the periscope) to our consciousness yet the heart is where we actually communicate to and from our consciousness and the universal field. This is something that I often tell my clients (and I live this as well) to LEAD WITH YOUR HEART.

πŸ’™ Our hearts rhythms will change according to what type the emotion you are feeling. According to Heart Math Institute research, this is the most powerful way to change your hearts rhythm and pattern. In their research, it showed that emotions that cause stress like anger, frustration or anxiety will raise your heart rhythm so that it appears erratic and irregular. These irregular heart patterns overtime will cause undue stress on not only the heart but on our entire body. It also energetically draining on our bodies. This is called a heart incoherent state. In contrast to this their research found that positive emotions like appreciation, joy and love will have the opposite effect on our heart rhythms. The rhythm will become smooth, harmonious and ordered. When this happens our bodies work with ease and more efficiently. This is called a heart coherent state. This means that by simply changing your heart rhythms to a more appreciative, loving and joyful state we intern change our whole body, improving our health and allow us to come from a more relaxed and centred space.

πŸ’™ Heart coherence and our heart intelligence are defined by the Heart Math Institute as… “The flow of awareness and insight that we experience once the mind and emotions are brought into balance and coherence through a self-initiated process. This form of intelligence is experienced as direct, intuitive knowing that manifests in thought and emotions that are beneficial for ourselves and others”.

πŸ’™ Howard Martin from the Heart Math Institute uses an analogy that the brain is on a radio AM frequency which is all about the sports and news etc. Whereas the heart is on a radio FM frequency which is about music, more variety and things that make our heart sing.

πŸ’™ Our heart is an autorhythmic organ, which means that our heartbeat is self-initiated from with the heart, not from the brain. In a fetus, the heart will begin beating before the brain is even formed – at around week 3 where the electrical activity within the brain does not start until week 5 or 6.

These are all the reasons why I love the heart so much and I am constantly amazed by its own power and intelligence. And in knowing more details about how the heart actually works will only help us to make better choices, to be more present in the now and ultimately create a future that is coherent with our highest good. All from a space of love, gratitude and joy.

Finally, I want to pose this question to you… Imagine if we lived in a world where ourselves and others around us focused more on love, joy, gratitude, kindness, compassion and selflessness as much as we focused on fear, anger, resentment, judgement or unhappiness. One where when we spoke with others, our conversations were not filled with drama and our worries, yet they were filled with love and celebration. What type of world would we live in??

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