Taylor Swift Concert – Melbourne December 2013

On Saturday night I took my two eldest daughters to the Taylor Swift concert! Once again her concert was amazing, she is such a talented performer as she swapped effortlessly between singing, dancing, the guitar and the piano.

During the show Taylor was talking a lot to the audience. At one point in the show she was introducing her song ‘Mean’ she talked about why and how she writes music and why she wrote this particular song.

Taylor talked about how as a child she would lock herself in her bedroom and write songs about how she felt after her peers were mean to her! Mean was written in the same context only a few years ago (she is currently 24 years old) after she realised that people are still mean even as they get older!

She went on to talk about how if people are mean to you then you should try extra hard not to be mean to anyone else as you know how terrible it feels when people are mean to you. If everyone did this, then the world would be a much better place. How true is this (as I gave my gorgeous daughters a nudge to make sure they were listening).

The next important thing she went on to say is to STOP trying to get people to like you, because there are people out there who will not like you and that is okay because it is LIFE!! Again very true!!

It made me think, what an amazing role model for my children. I often tell my girls these things, but as children do they do not tend to listen to their parents. To hear this from someone they admire and think that their life is all together and that everyone likes them, is priceless. From time to time in our lives we think that the person next to us has their life together and does not have any negative self talk but trust me we all have our ‘Achilles Heal’ when it cones to our self thoughts and feelings! For my girls to hear that even Taylor Swift has the same feelings as they do around fitting in and friends it was invaluable.

Again what life lessons for my girls to hear from Taylor!

My hope is that all of our children are growing up feeling happy and accepting of themselves. At times this is hard for our children to hear so the more role models like Taylor Swift our children have the better chance we will have to get through to our children!

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.



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