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Debbie illustrates from her own personal experiences how childhood and adolescent bullying can have long term repercussions in adult life affecting relationships, parenting and functioning effectively in the workforce.

She charts her path in overcoming these painful experiences through her discovery of kinesiology and applying it on a daily basis to all aspects of her life and with her children. With specific details on the techniques she embraced, she guides you to overcome similar problems in your own life, and go on to build a happy, fulfilled and productive future.

Some key benefits include –

  • Appreciating the contribution of bullying and put down behaviours in both emotional and physical health problems
  • Seeing the ‘emotional sting’ of a hurtful comment as something that needs to be addressed rather than resorting to putting yourself down or blaming others
  • Learning to develop compassion for bullies, by seeing the wounds that motivated their behaviours, as a path to release the residual impacts
  • Embracing the concept that how you treat yourself is a role model for how others will treat you, so it is vital to become your own best friend
  • Discovering the power of kinesiology to pinpoint critical past events that are locking negative self-worth patterns in place
  • Recognising the value of Inner Child work on the critical issues in de-stressing and reframing the past in such positive ways
  • Grasping the importance of the ongoing reinforcement exercises presented to address deeply embedded negative belief systems and fundamentally changing the way our brains respond
  • Understanding how post traumatic growth is achieved by turning adversity into a motivating force for change and changing the stories we are telling ourselves.

Debbie embodies this last point as a compassionate kinesiologist helping many people turn their lives around after childhood bullying. Being able to put herself ‘out there’ and write a book to help even more people, is a testament to Debbie’s success in overcoming her lifelong struggles with low self-esteem, not feeling good enough, fear of being judged and expectation of bad things happening.

Written in a very approachable style, you can readily empathise with Debbie’s story. I would highly recommend this book for people embarking on their journeys in overcoming childhood and adolescent bullying. It will also help partners, family and practitioners wanting insight and supportive techniques to help the ‘survivors’ of bullying on their paths to emotional liberation. It is wonderful to see a person practicing what she preaches in such a powerful way.

– Gordon Dickson, counsellingkinesiologytraining.com.au

Gordon Dickson

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