Angela, Meditation Class

I first met Debbie through our children’s school. As I got to know her, I began to appreciate her focused, positive, calm and cheerful manner, even during stressful times. I was really interested in how she was able to maintain her outlook, as I had been attending a Mindful Meditation course, to gain just these qualities. Debbie told me that she had been practising meditation for years, and I thought: ‘well it certainly seems to work’. Then Debbie told me she ran meditation groups and I thought: ‘I need to come along’. So I did, and I have every week since. I feel that the meditation sessions are much more than settling a distracted mind, they are about connecting to a deeper, more intuitive self, all the while guided by a gentle, caring and positive soul. I am more optimistic practising Debbie’s meditations and feel I am growing into a better, mother, wife, daughter and friend because I am taking care and nurturing myself in this way.
Thanks Debbie.

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Angela, Meditation Class

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