Sacha Kaluri – Youth Motivational Speaker and Director of the Australian Teenage Expo

“A very interesting read. As a victim of school yard bullying I know exactly how that can effect your everyday adult life, as well as how you parent your children.

It’s important for people to try different ways to let go of all the pain from the past. This book is a great way to introduce yourself with many new and interesting ways you can get to know yourself so you can move forward. Highly recommend all parents to read this book. Very enjoyable and eye opening”.

Sacha Kaluri

Youth Motivational Speaker and Director of the Australian Teenage Expo


Carolyn, Beyond The Schoolyard

I finished your book last night and just wanted to let you know that I thought it was great.  It’s interesting to hear the thoughts of someone going through bullying and I could relate to a lot of it even though I wasn’t bullied like you were.  My issues were more from low self confidence, but there were similarities in the feelings.  It has some great tips in there and is a must read for any adult that has gone through what you have gone through.


Michelle, Meditation Class

Debbie’s small group classes offer a personalised approach to meditation for beginners. She is an experienced practitioner who gently guides you through a variety of meditation styles so that you can learn and experience different approaches. She concludes each session with a brief reflection and discussion on applying the meditation in day to day life.
I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere she brings to the class and leave each week feeling calm, focused and refreshed.


Mandy, Kinesiology Client

Debbie has developed a unique method based on her several years of experience, in contrast to other Kinesiologists, that is extremely powerful and just allows you to completely relax and focus on “you” time. Her methods are backed by science and you only need to chat to any one of her Clients to be convinced of how much of an amazing Practitioner she is, as the results speak for themselves.

You truly are giving yourself, and those that surround you, the greatest gift by indulging in regular sessions. Debbie is a true testament to Professionalism and the practice of Kinesiology; she has passion and drive and always goes above and beyond for her Clients.

Personally, I and my family are her Clients for life.


Vanessa Talbot, Skype Kinesiology Client

I had a wonderful skype session with Debbie and she was able to establish my body’s healing needs after cancer, and even what I was still hanging onto from my divorce 4 years ago. I’d never had a kinesiology session before and found it all very fascinating.


Kristen Barnett, Skype Kinesiology Client

“Firstly let me say I LOVE Kinesiology. I know first hand how amazing it is and what it can do. Both personally and for my clients (yes I practice kinesiology in my own clinic) But via “Skype” ?? Well let me say WOW! Debbie was amazing and got to the core issue and today it feels free, light and now irrelevant. Time to move onwards, upwards and SHINE ON! My sincerest gratitude to both Debbie and the universe for allowing our paths to cross. If your skeptical take the leap… It’s worth it!” Love and laughter Kristen – NSW


Nicole Matthews – Giftivate

Having sampled the Ignite Your Possibilities program ‘Be What you Want to Be’, I would recommend Debbie’s kinesiology sessions to anyone looking to understand and shift themselves, whether it be within their personal or professional space. I have come away from the program with some tools which I will continue to use going forward. Debbie’s capacity to tailor sessions for each person, and in my case to conveniently conduct over Skype, highlight her flexibility too.


Gordon Dickson

Debbie illustrates from her own personal experiences how childhood and adolescent bullying can have long term repercussions in adult life affecting relationships, parenting and functioning effectively in the workforce.

She charts her path in overcoming these painful experiences through her discovery of kinesiology and applying it on a daily basis to all aspects of her life and with her children. With specific details on the techniques she embraced, she guides you to overcome similar problems in your own life, and go on to build a happy, fulfilled and productive future.

Some key benefits include –

  • Appreciating the contribution of bullying and put down behaviours in both emotional and physical health problems
  • Seeing the ‘emotional sting’ of a hurtful comment as something that needs to be addressed rather than resorting to putting yourself down or blaming others
  • Learning to develop compassion for bullies, by seeing the wounds that motivated their behaviours, as a path to release the residual impacts
  • Embracing the concept that how you treat yourself is a role model for how others will treat you, so it is vital to become your own best friend
  • Discovering the power of kinesiology to pinpoint critical past events that are locking negative self-worth patterns in place
  • Recognising the value of Inner Child work on the critical issues in de-stressing and reframing the past in such positive ways
  • Grasping the importance of the ongoing reinforcement exercises presented to address deeply embedded negative belief systems and fundamentally changing the way our brains respond
  • Understanding how post traumatic growth is achieved by turning adversity into a motivating force for change and changing the stories we are telling ourselves.

Debbie embodies this last point as a compassionate kinesiologist helping many people turn their lives around after childhood bullying. Being able to put herself ‘out there’ and write a book to help even more people, is a testament to Debbie’s success in overcoming her lifelong struggles with low self-esteem, not feeling good enough, fear of being judged and expectation of bad things happening.

Written in a very approachable style, you can readily empathise with Debbie’s story. I would highly recommend this book for people embarking on their journeys in overcoming childhood and adolescent bullying. It will also help partners, family and practitioners wanting insight and supportive techniques to help the ‘survivors’ of bullying on their paths to emotional liberation. It is wonderful to see a person practicing what she preaches in such a powerful way.

– Gordon Dickson, counsellingkinesiologytraining.com.au


Nicole Jacobsen

Just had an amazing kinesiology session with Debbie Rossi from Total Being Kinesiology. Debbie knew exactly what I needed to work on today and helped me shift some things that will help me create the life I want and step into my power. If you’re ready to ignite your possibilities then a session with Debbie is just what you need.


Rebecca Lufe, Total Time Freedom Client

Today was the last day of a life changing journey with this amazing woman! Thanks Debbie Rossi for helping me see what I couldn’t see in myself. You have been such a blessing to work with. Thank you for always going above and beyond! I am so privileged to be one of many who have experienced your amazing programs

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