The Key to Counselling Kinesiology

Today I am busy preparing for my final oral exam for my Counselling Kinesiology course.

As I am preparing my notes, I am reflecting on all that I have learnt over the past year. I wanted to share with you what I have found to be the most valuable part of my course.

You need to go within before you can go out! This means that you need to look within yourself to see what your internal thoughts and feelings before you can look at what is happening on the outside in your life. If we are not feeling okay inside then the outside will not be okay. If we are feeling happy and calm on the inside then the outside will be happy and calm as well.

The next extension of this is that when things occur on the outside, like a stressful job or argument with your partner you need to first look within at your internal thoughts and feelings to see what the outside event is triggering on the inside.

Once we are able to deal with our internal thoughts and feelings, we are able to see clearly what is going on in the outside and let go of the emotion and drama that the outside can cause us on the inside.

Start to put the focus on your internal thoughts and feelings in your day to day life! Go in before you can go out!

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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