Tip 2 – Creating empathy

A major issue we as parents face in today’s technological age is that it’s so easy for our children to become addicted to Computers, iPads, iPods, Xboxes, Playstations, TV, Social Media etc etc.

In this technological world, we forget “real” humans are on the other end of comments, messages, and postings. Unfortunately it is this lack of connection that becomes a breeding ground for a lack of empathy resulting in bullying and general insensitivity.

As mothers we need to seek opportunities to model empathy towards our children. It is easy to get caught up in the nagging, disciplining cycle of raising our children. When speaking with our children first think about what types of challenges they might currently be experiencing and approach them with compassion and understanding.

Remembering, that things may not seem like a big deal to us are actually major issues for our children, ( think back when you were a kid and put yourself in their shoes).

When our children are on the receiving end of understanding and compassion, they can better understand how it feels and have an authentic sense of why and how they can pass that good feeling on to others.

For more information, register for my webinar called 10 Ways to Prevent Bullying For Your Child on Monday 25th August. http://www.debbierossi.com.au/events/10-ways-to-prevent-bullying-for-your-child/.

How can you model empathy to your children today?

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.

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