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One of my biggest struggles with my own children is trying to get them to eat healthy! Eating healthy is very important to me, so I am very passionate about making healthy choices for my kids and ultimately getting my children to make healthy choices for themselves!

In my Kinesiology I have found diet to be a huge factor in behavior, learning, emotions and even sleeping patterns. What we and our children put into our mouths will affect us in many ways. Just think, have you ever had a huge pig out on a bar (or block!) of chocolate and later paid the price with feeling sick, emotional and mentally fatigued? I know I have! Just think our children are much smaller than us and therefore have smaller stomachs and digestive tracts so by eating a smaller amount of that chocolate bar will affect them in the same way that a whole bar of chocolate would affect us! The only difference is that we are on the receiving end of the hissy fit or melt down rather than actually feeling the emotion of it, which can be more emotionally and mentally challenging!

With this in mind I cannot stress enough how important a healthy diet is for all of us! Just by making a few simple changes to our diets it can have a huge affect in our lives. For example if you were to swap salty potato chips with plain home-popped popcorn OR a chocolate cake with a banana bread (see a recipe I use regularly with my children in the recipe section) OR swap a bowl of ice-cream or custard with a bowl of yoghurt and fruit with a couple of nuts OR swap a cream cheese dip with a delicious hommus dip or beetroot dip (also in my recipe section) which can be eaten with either cucumber, carrot or celery sticks.

With my children I find that if they are involved in the cooking process (age appropriate of course) they will be more inclined to eat the healthy snack. It also starts to help them take control over their own diets and encourages them to make healthy choices themselves.

Have a look through my recipe section and don’t forget to load up your favorite recipes for us all to share.

Until the next blog, enjoy your children.



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