Water is an essential part of our life

Today I want to talk to you about how important water is for us and our children. Our bodies are made up of 55 – 75% water and because our bodies do not store water we must have fresh supplies of water everyday. Water is an essential part of our bodies functioning, specifically in the health and function of every cell.

I have mentioned in earlier blogs that I completed a research project as a part of my studies on ‘Can Kinesiology Enhance Children’s Learning’. I found that not only in my research project but also in my everyday life that water plays a huge role in learning. This is supported by many scientific researches that when our brain is hydrated properly it will focus better, think faster and remember clearer; all with a greater level of clarity and creativity. Who would not want all of these things all the time, especially for our children who are learning at great speeds in a classroom environment.

I believe that there are huge demands on our children these days, from reading, to homework to sporting activities to music activities and the list goes on and on. If we are able to help our children to focus, think and remember better just by increasing their water intake and by replacing soft drinks or juices with water then it is a very simple step that we can start right now with very little effort.

A great tip that I use everyday at home with my children is that before they start their homework, do their readers or practice their music, I ask them to have a glass of water to ensure that their brain is ready to be used! I also use it when one (or all 4) of my children are having a melt down – it is a great way to calm them and also distract them from the moment of stress! It is so simple that you can try it today at home with your children. Don’t forget to send through your comments about how your children respond to increased water or tips on how you encourage your children to drink more water.

Until the next blog, enjoy your children.


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