Whole brain learning

In my previous two blogs I have given you a brief overview of the left and right hemispheres of our brain. Now in this blog, I want to discuss with you the importance of Whole Brain learning (left and right hemisphere together).

In the past it was thought that the left brain was only used for logic and reason and the right brain was only used for imagination and sensory experiences, but today with all the recent research that is been done on the brain it has now been proved that the left hemisphere and right hemisphere do not work independently they actually work together in each and every activity we do daily. For example a young baby who is using their senses to feel a new object, their right hemisphere is stimulated with the sensory information but their left hemisphere is also stimulated as it will code this new information as a blueprint for future use – for example that Teddy Bear is soft and safe, it is okay to touch it next time.

Most people tend to have a dominant side of their brain, and they will tend to process information using their dominant side. This doesn’t mean that individuals only use half their brain, it just reflects a balance in the right and left hemisphere when processing information and performing activities. Learning and thinking are enhanced when both sides of the brain are used in a balanced manner. For full integrated and balanced learning to occur we need our left and right hemisphere to work in conjunction with one another.

From just this information, i am sure you can understand how important it is for both the right side and left side of our brain to be working in conjunction with one another. In my kinesiology practice I have found that one of the major issues in children’s learning and emotional well being is that the left side and right side of their brain do not actually work together. This makes it hard for children to be creative in their thinking rather than just been focused on a past event or it allows them to put reason into an emotional issue. This will also make learning more stressful as it will take up more energy to observe and remember the information.

At home you can do simple brain exercises for your children by encouraging them to cross over their midline (centre of their bodies drawing a line from their nose down) and using the left side and right side of their body at the same time. So basically you are touching the left hand to the right knee and the right hand to the left knee, almost like you are marching on the spot. This will encourage your child’s left and right side brain to work together at the same time. Some children will find this quite difficult, persist with it as with more practice your child has they will find it easier and easier. A good tip I use with some children who are struggling with this is to put a yellow sticker on their left hand and right knee and a red sticker on their right hand and left knee – then ask your child to match up the sticker colours as they march.

I am in the process of uploading a utube video on this simple brain exercise, to help you to do it at home with your children (a visual explanation for all you Right Brain Dominant people).

Until my next blog, enjoy your children.



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